• Hello!

    I'm Shilpi

    I'm passionate about marketing and believe in simplicity.


    I was brought up in a small-town environment where resourcefulness is a necessity. Over the years, it became a second nature. Doing more with less through fast computations grabbed my attention and this led to my education in computer science and engineering.


    After a fulfilling experience of executing the customer workflows and oil trading operations for Shell Oil and Gas Company at Accenture, I started getting very curious about the end-to-end value chain of businesses. To get this perspective, I decided to strengthen my fundamentals through business studies. While providing client services at Accenture, I developed empathy and built long-term relationships. I extended this capability to understand customer needs and drive product marketing efforts at Ericsson.


    Amid my career progression, I published a website to share my travel stories through blog posts. My friends acknowledged that the narrations helped them visualize and create blueprints for their travel plans. I realized I could extend my storytelling abilities to market products and services.


    I have the ability to visualize a product's landscape and decipher the technology behind it to simplify the messaging. I aspire to design, position and deliver products and services that leverage technology to empower and delight customers.








    Photo Location: Honolulu, Hawaii


  • Skills

    Things I've picked up over the years

    Positioning and Messaging

    Competitive Analysis

    Demand Generation

    Marketing Strategy

    Product Launch Campaigns



    Cross-functional Collaboration

    Client Services

    Social Media



  • Experiences

    Product Marketing Intern

    June 2016-December 2016

    Executed product marketing efforts for Ericsson’s Hyperscale Cloud solutions to generate demand.

    Marketing Volunteer

    January 2016-March 2016

    Startup that provides peer-to-peer ridesharing marketplace focusing on long-distance travel.

    Promoted ridesharing alternatives and collateral for university campus to enable user growth.

    Software Engineering Analyst

    April 2010-October 2013

    Delivered business goals for Shell Global to drive the oil trading operations and customer workflows.

  • What I Aspire to Do

    My Ideal Professional World

  • Education 

    Santa Clara University (SCU)

    Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A.) 2015-2017

    Marketing and Management


    Online Certifications 2014 -2015

    Developing Innovative Ideas for New Companies by University of Maryland

    Managing the Company of the Future by University of London

    Introduction to Finance by University of Michigan

    Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU)

    Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) 2005 -2009

    Computer Science

  • Project Work

    A selection of projects I've been involved with:

    Strategic Analysis: Netflix

    Conducted internal, external, and macro-environment analysis


    Assessed value chain and dynamic capabilities of Netflix


    Anticipated threats and responses to threats in the industry


    Recommended strategic choices



    Project Report

    Consumer Analysis: Lululemon Athletica

    Conducted the secondary and primary market research to analyze the behavior and purchase decisions of the consumers related to Lululemon Athletica

    Conducted 1-on-1 interviews and surveys in Qualtrics to perform statistical analysis on the designed hypothesis

    Recommended marketing strategies based on the above research and analysis



    Product Strategy: The Canon EOS

    Conducted analysis of the M-series product line

    Developed new product strategy: Canon Prism

    Proposed product launch and marketing strategy


    Phase I Report

    Phase II Report

    Phase III Report

    Pricing Strategy: Apple Watch

    Applied the microeconomic concepts and proposed recommendations on ways to increase revenue from the Apple Watch without causing damage to their brand value.


    Project Report

    Marketing Strategy: Tesla Motors

    Conducted segmentation, targeting, positioning and messaging of the combined product offerings of Tesla Motors with a focus on Tesla's state of the business in 2016.


    Project Report

  • The Blog

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    A Lean Startup methodology was first proposed by Eric Ries. It is based on a business-hypothesis-driven experimentation model supported by iterative product releases to meet customer needs and reduce market risks, funding, and failures. One such Lean startup is OpenRide. It is a social experience...
    There has been a lot of talks in the past few years with the profound potential of investment in emerging market, but what about the path to leadership for women in the emerging market? Let’s explore Chanda Kochchars’s career at The Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Limited ...
    The Accenture Technology Vision 2016 identifies five technology trends fueled by the people first principle and that are essential to business success in the digital economy. One of them is Platform Economy. The report defines it as the technology driven business models based on platforms that...
    The definition of innovation has evolved over time. It is perceived differently industry wide, but the essence remains the same. David Burkus defines innovation simply as “The application of ideas that are novel and useful.” And the word “Humanity” triggers the feeling of equality and kindness....
  • Recommendations

    The word around town

    Deirdre Straughan

    Head of Digital Channel at Ericsson

    Shilpi has been interning at Ericsson, working directly with and for me, through the summer and fall of 2016.

    I have been very impressed with her ability to take on a task/problem and complete it, with little or no supervision. She assesses the task, develops a strategy to deal with it, learns what she needs to (for example some deep and tricky aspects of using Google Analytics) and then applies it fruitfully and creatively.

    For a major event for us this summer (Intel Developer Forum), Shilpi developed a framework for our social media campaign, and, together with another intern, created all the content and carried out the campaign before, during, and after the event. This resulted in Ericsson being the third most-mentioned in social media related to IDF – even though the company was not among the partners most prominently showcased by Intel. She then turned that framework into a generic approach that can be used for social media campaigns throughout Ericsson.

    Shilpi is a delight to work with, and I warmly recommend her to any position requiring marketing, strategy, and creative thinking skills.

    Graeme Warren

    Educator & Consultant at Santa Clara University

    Shilpi took sections of Decision Making and Analysis I and II that I taught at Santa Clara University. Her outstanding analytical skills, business knowledge, diligence and professionalism combined to produce to-the-point and thoroughly argued solutions to cases. Her outstanding team skills and humor brought light to our discussions with her team members.

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